The Family & Youth Services is comprised of multiple programs.  

Wakanyeja Kin Wakan Pi (Our Children Are Sacred) Program

The Wakanyeja Kin Wakan Pi program was created to address the complex problems resulting from substance abuse and to prevent and reduce the subsequest fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) and/or drug affected births.

Services and Activities

  • to provide culturally specific care coordination for women who are pregnant or parenting struggling with chemical issues
  • to provide chemical health groups and parenting education support to parents, adolescents and children
  • to provide pre and post treatment support and recovery maintenance
  • to provide referrals and resources to help stabilize families
  • to provide access to Rule 25 Assessments and LADC counseling

The Wakanyeja Kin Wakan Pi staff include:

  • LADC - Richard Wright

The Wakanyehau Kin Wakan Pi is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Chemical Health Division.

Twin Cities Healthy Start

The AIFC Twin Cities Health Start program is designed to reduce infant mortality in the American Indian community by providing support to expecting American Indian women. 

Services and Activities

  • Case Management and Care Coordination
  • Prenatal and Childbirth Education
  • Parenting Education
  • Mother's Circle Support and Education Group
  • Referrals and resources to help stabilize families
  • Public Health Home Visiting Nurse, Mary Rose and Shawn O'Connell
  • Community Doula Referrals for labor and delivery
  • Family Planning Support and Education

The AIFC- Twin Cities Healthy Start staff include:

  • Case Manager - postion open till Dec. 17, 2010

The Twin Cities Healthy Start program is funded by the City of Minneapolis - Maternal and Child Health Department.

Ombi'ayaa Anishinabe-Ininiiwug

(Rise up Original Men)

Boozhoo (hello),

A group for father's and men by father's and men. Participate in diabetes collorbative via promoting traditional healthy cultural life styles, eating and exercising. Meets Thursday night from 6-8PM @ Elders Lodge on 1500 Magnolia Ave, East side St Paul, MN

  • provide services to men and their family
  • provide spiritual, cultural and community connection
  • provide services that promote & develop healthy life styles
  • provide services for diabetes education & pervention

Learn about diabetes and how we as American Indian Families are affected by this disease. Learn what are original healthy foods and how do we prepare healthy meals for ourself and family. Maintain a healthy life style through diet, exercise & support system. YMCA Diabetes prevention program (YDPP) is offering a 16 week sessions with 30 day activity passes to YMCA facilities at a 30% fee with scholarship. Participate & attendance to all YDPP sessions are required. 

The AIFC Ombi'ayaa Anishinabe-ininiiwug staff include:

  • Father's and Men outreach specialist- Kerry Benton

   Medicine Wheel Collaborative

The Medicine Wheel Collaborative is designed to prevent child abuse and neglect in the American Indian community.  It is a formal partnership between AIFC, Ain Dah Yung and American Indian Education Program, St Paul Public School.  Families struggling with attendance or parenting issues are encouraged to access services and activities. 

Services and Activities

  • Parenting Education
  • Case Management - Developing a family care plan that identifies strengths and goals
  • Referrals and resources to help stabilize families
  • Advocacy and Social support

The Medicine Wheel Collaborative staff include:

  • Youth Worker -     Barry Frantum, AIFC
  • Family Advocate - Kerri Rosebear-Channer, Indian Education
  • Family Advocate - Roy Roberts, Ain Dah Yung
  • AmeriCorps Vista Volunteer - Liz Lonelodge, AIFC

The Medicine Wheel Program is primarily funded by the Children's Trust Fund.

Wounspe Wawokiya (Service Learning) Youth Program

The Service Learning Youth program is designed to strengthen the self confidence of American Indian youth.  American Indian youth will be engaged in service-based programming that utilizes their natural learning styles and inherent cultural knowledge to deliver service learning projects.

Services and Activies

  • Weekly groups with kids at Battle Creek Middle School ( Wed.)
  • Leadership Training
  • Service Learning projects in the community

The AIFC Wouspe Wawokiya Youth Program staff include:

  • Youth Program Coordinator- Barry Frantum

The Wounspe Wawokiya Youth Program is primarily funded by the McNeely Foundation.

Father's Circle

The Father's Circle is intended to support American Indian men in their roles as providers and fathers.

Father's Circle Consultants include:

  • Father's Circle Facilitator - Robert Desjarlait

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