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The AIFC Behavioral Health Services are designed to support all generations with services that focus on behaviors and their impact on overall wellbeing. Our programs provide mental, chemical and behavioral support, case management, and resources. We use a holistic and traditional approach, incorporating healing aspects such as ceremony and traditional practices. 

Behavioral Health Service programs include:

  • Healing Generations: Therapy & Case Management Program
  • Wakanyeja Kin Wakan Pi (Our Children are Sacred): Recovery &  Wellness Program
  • Oshki-Maajitada (New-to Begin Again): Health & Wellness Program
  • The Dreamcatchers: Children’s Trauma-Informed Program
  • Soogizin Dodem (Strengthening Families): Families’ Trauma-Informed Program
  • Kȟuŋši Onikan (Grandmother's Arms): Chemical Health Program

Behavioral Health Services