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Ombi’ayaa Anishinabe-Ininiiwug

(Rise up Original Men)

Men & Father's Health Program

Ombi’ayaa Anishinabe-Ininiiwug  is a group that provides supportive services for men and their families to prevent and address the high incidence of diabetes.

Ombi’ayaa Anishinabe-Ininiiwug includes fathers and men who participate in a diabetes prevention collaborative by promoting traditional healthy cultural life styles, eating, and exercising. The group meets Thursdays from 6-8PM at the Elder's Lodge on 1500 Magnolia Ave, East St Paul, MN 55106.

By Joining Ombi’ayaa Anishinabe-Ininiiwug, you can:

  • Learn about diabetes and how we as American Indian Families are affected by this disease
  • Learn about original healthy foods and how to prepare meals for ourselves and families.
  • Maintain a healthy life style through diet, exercise & a support system.

The men Ombi’ayaa Anishinabe-Ininiiwug also engage in various activities such as baseball and drumming. To learn more, visit their facebook page by clicking HERE​.

Any questions regarding the Men and Father's Group, please contact:
AIFC Front Desk:  (651) 793-3803