• Provides a family assessment of strengths and needs
  • Teaches therapeutic methods of self-care & healing
  • Helps family members engage in positive activities together

American Indian persons recognize that art isn’t merely for creating, but can be a vehicle for healing and identity. For many indigenous nations these ways of life are symbolic for embarking upon a new way of life; healing from within yourself (mentally, spiritually, emotionally) as well as in the community, celebration of identity and living a healthy lifestyle.
Traditional activities like beadwork, making jingles and weaving require the practice of mindfulness, self calming, positive communication and problem solving which are critical in a family’s ability to heal from old wounds and threats to family integrity.
This group will couple traditional teachings and the creation of art with current mental health knowledge about trauma and trauma response. Our goal is to educate families about how trauma affects us and the many ways to heal.

Soogizin Dodem

(Strengthening Families) 

Spring 2017

Questions regarding Soogizin Dodem may be directed to:
Jessica Gourneau (x3009)
(651) 793-3803

Sierra Asamoa-Tutu (x3015)

  • 10 sessions, March 21- May 23
  • Tuesdays 11:30 - 1:30 
  • Lunch and childcare provided
  • Open to all—both new and repeating participants

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