Family & Youth Services

Nelda Goodman, Elder in Residence
Wellness & Recovery Case Manager

Gerard  Sordelet 

​Employment Counselor

Shaunna McBride
Healing Generations  Case Manager​

Staff Directory

Laura Dorn , MPP
Family & Youth Services Director

​​​Behavioral Health Services

Victoria Swain

Therapist Intern

Alan Parkhurst

Father & Men's Outreach Specialist

Kristin Kinney
Executive Director

Development & Administrative  Services

Jessica Gourneau  Ph.D, LP.
Clinical Director

Amy Nelson

Healing Generations Case Manager

Charlotte Mertz 

Development & Administrative Director


Executive Leadership

Karla Weber  Psy.D.LADC
Healing Generations Therapist

Caitlin Joyce

Kunsi Onikan

Behavioral Health Administrative Specialist

Bill Fullerton M.Ed.,MSW,LICSW

 Healing Generations Therapist

Megan Rooney
Accounting and Personnel Associate

Irene Churchill

Healing Generations Therapist

Koushik Paul

Youth Engagement Specialist 

Barbara Elfstrand

Therapist Intern

Alexis Dauenhauer

Housing Services Manager

Heather Benjamin

Women's Outreach Specialist

Healing Generations

Sierra Yazzie MSW, LICSW
Healing Generations Therapist​

Anna Greer

Office and Intake Coordinator

Youth Services

Rachel McCaffrey

Employment Counselor  & Career Coach

Chuck Hoistad

Madison Smith

Development & Communications Specialist 

Maria Morin McCoy
Family Empowerment Coach​

Where American Indian Families Thrive!

Pam Gokey
Youth Service Manager

Family Services

Employment  Services

Wakanyeja Kin Wakan Pi

(Our Children are Sacred)

Jason Miller, LICSW

Healing Generations Therapist