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Healing Generations

Therapy & Case Management Program 

Any Questions regarding Behavioral Health Services may be directed to Jessica Gourneau, Clinical Director at (651) 793-3803 Ext. 3009

Healing Generations Program: Therapeutic Services

The Healing Generations Program was created in response to the growing needs of American Indian parents, children and adults requesting culturally specific mental health services and support from the American Indian Family Center. 

The goals of the program are:

  • To provide culturally meaningful programming to meet the mental health needs of families, individuals, youth and children.
  • To provide the community with education and information on mental health through talking circles and workshops.
  • To provide families, individuals and children with case management around their mental health needs and to serve as a linkage to other social service agencies.

Services and Activities:

  • Short and long term counseling for youth, individuals and families.
  • Assessment and testing.
  • Community education and prevention workshops.
  • Social support for families, including outreach, case coordination and advocacy.

Therapeutic Coaching:
Therapeutic Coaching assists a person in discovering one's fullest potential while making a change in any area of life. Therapeutic Coaching maximizes your resources, talents, and skills. A person can achieve his or her goals, break through obstacles and experience a successful outcome. Coaching techniques are gentle and safe, producing transformation in the least amount of time, so you can begin to live life to the fullest each day!

Art Therapy:
Art Therapy is a natural healing tool. Creative expression allows a person to unlock creativity by releasing blocked emotions and thoughts that appear to be inaccessible in verbal therapy.

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